January is all about creating our community, setting our intentions, and creating a plan for the reading we’ll do throughout the year. Please click through on each of the links below to participate in January activities.

Task 1:  Creating a plan. Provide input on the books we’ll read and how you’d like to participate by clicking here.

Task 2: Creating community, part 1. Please introduce yourself and read the introductions of others by clicking here.

Task 3: Creating community, part 2. Please read and respond to discussion agreements by clicking here.

Are you interested in being a discussion leader? What this role involves:

  • Leading at least one month’s discussion (opening with your own response to the book and providing additional information/resources relevant to that month’s book).
  • Tracking and participating in conversations on the discussion you’re leading.
  • Sharing your photo, first name, and information about yourself in the sidebar of this site.
  • Committing to participate in the project for the whole year.

If you’re interesting in being a discussion leader, please email us at YORdangerously@gmail.com. We have space for up to 11 people.