We’ve got our books!

We are so excited to start reading and talking and thinking with all of you!

Thanks to all of you who completed our survey to help us collectively select the books for our year of reading dangerously. There were no categories that had a lot more interest than others, so in the end we decided to go with one book from each category. In some, more than one title garnered a lot of votes. Many of you were interested in reading Waking Up White and Brown Girl Dreaming. We think both would be excellent choices, and it was hard to let them go for our project.

As for order, there’s a bit of logic to ours, but it was hard to know what would be best as we ourselves haven’t read all of the books. Because immigration issues have been so prevalent recently, we decided to start with The Book of Unknown Americans–a novel that focus on the experiences of Latinx immigrants living in an apartment complex in Delaware.

By February 1st, we’ll have a schedule and resources for our first month of reading together that you can find on the February page. We can’t wait to hear your responses to this book.

3 thoughts on “We’ve got our books!

  1. What thoughtful and relevant selections. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you for all the work you have and continue to put into this most important project.

  2. Great selection! i just downloaded the February book to my Kindle. Thanks for the time, effort and thought you are putting into this project. I’m looking forward to the ideas and discussions these books generate.

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